IGF 2018 Dynamic Coalition Sessions

The following are sessions approved for the IGF 2018 programme, organized by IGF Dynamic Coalitions (DCs). 

All information on DCs can be found on the main DCs page

Accessibility and Disability (DCAD) DC on Accessibility and Disability
Blockchain Technologies (DC-Blockchain) Blockchain for Social Good
Child Online Safety (DC-COS) Online products and their impact on children’s vulnerability
Community Connectivity (DC3) Community Networks: When The Unconnected Build Connectivity
Core Internet Values (DC-CIV) Link Tax and Upload Filtering, Friction & Core Values
Gender and Internet Governance (DC-Gender) Dynamic Coalition on Gender and Internet Governance
Innovative Approaches to Connecting the Unconnected (DC-Connecting the Unconnected)  Connecting the Unconnected: Policies for emerging practices
Internet of Things (DC-IoT) Global Good Practice in IoT: a Call for Commitment
Internet Rights and Principles  (IRPC) Emerging Rights and Next Generation Technologies
Network Neutrality (DCNN) Net Neutrality: Measuring Discriminatory Practices
Platform Responsibility (DCPR) Automated Decision Making and Artificial Intelligence
Public Access in Libraries (DC-PAL) Access to information: libraries as informed intermediaries
Schools of Internet Governance (DC-SIG) Schools on Internet Governance and their Curricula
Small Island Developing States in the Internet Economy (DC-SIDS) Developing a SIDS Internet Economy Action & Research Agenda
Youth (YCIG) Developing Youth Participation at the IGF