IGF 2018 Workshop Selection Results

The following is the result of the workshop review and selection process conducted by the IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) for the 2018 programme. 

A total of 71 workshops have been approved. In light of the community’s comments, the MAG worked to reduce redundancy and increase cohesiveness in the programme. Hence, some proposals are requested to modify their duration, and those proposals which showed complementarity and synergy with one another are therefore asked to merge. Many of the merged workshops were requested by proposers, and we would like to thank them for their support. 


11 AI Ethics: privacy, transparency  and knowledge construction
40 Internet Mega-Trends' Impact on the Internet’s Architecture
45 1.3 Billion Reasons for Making Technology Accessible
50 Whois collected, disclosed and protected: CERTs viewpoint
65 East-West Commitment as Multi-stakeholders
98 Who is in charge? Accountability for algorithms on platforms
104 Well-being in the Digital Age (OECD Going Digital Project)
132 Towards a Decentralized Internet Constitution?
142 Net neutrality vs. 5G and new technological challenges
146 Hidden aspects of digital inclusion
170 Accountability for Human Rights: Mitigate Unfair Bias in AI
171 Multistakeholding cybersecurity in Africa
172 Accessibility Improved: building inclusive societies with AI
180 Net neutrality and beyond: ensuring freedom of choice online
182 Artificial Intelligence for Human Rights and SDGs
185 Preventing Youth from Online Violent Radicalization
186 Local content: a unique opportunity for underserved regions
193 Submarine cables governance & sustainable development goals
211 Technology, Suicide, and the Mental Health of Youth
217 I Can't Use This App: Closing The Web Accessibility Gap
224 The Past, the Present and the Future for Multistakeholderism
229 Measurement & specs to support net neutrality enforcement
231 AI: Ethical and Legal Challenges for Emerging Economies
262 The challenges of capacity development: practical approach
269 Do(not) touch:selfregulatory safe harbor of social platforms
275 Before you know it, Internet governance will be irrelevant
281 Public-Private-Civil Partnerships in Cyber Capacity Building
306 Game Over IPv4: The need of IPv6 for the future of games
311 Has it become a luxury to disconnect?
320 Data Governance in “Smart” Cities: From Open Data to My Data
324 "Freedom on the Internet" is for EVERY stakeholder
349 A Multistakeholder Approach to HRIAs: Lessons from ICANN
355 Empowering Change with Data:Measuring Youth Digital Mobility
366 Proliferation, Cyber Stability and State Responsibility
369 A BRIC hit the Web: Finding patterns in digital policymaking
376 Innovative Approaches to Connecting Underserved Areas
382 The Future of Digital Identity and Human Rights
385 Challenges & opportunities: How will technology reshape jobs
388 Making National Laws Good for Internet Governance
393 CLOUD Act & e-Evidence: implications for the Global South
408 DNS enhancements and alternatives for the Future Internet
410 Preventing Youth Violence Through ICTs
415 Countering misinformation online: policies and solutions
421 Algorithmic transparency and the right to explanation
423 AI and the future of diplomacy: What’s in store?
426 Hybrid Business Models: A Connectivity & Approach
427 AI will solve all problems. But can it?
428 Spectrum for Community Networks:A "Must" That Is Hard to Get
440 Emerging Youth Practices and the Digital Economy
443 The Internet and Jobs: preparing Gen YZ for future of work
450 Fostering Digital Social Innovation in the Global South
452 Community governance in an age of platform responsibility



14 Stakeholders Promote Risk-Based Voluntary Security Framework Merged at 90 mins
75 Global Coordination of Regional Cybersecurity Initiatives
80 Hack the Hate: Empower society to face hate speech Merged at 90 mins
81 Hack The Hate: Imagine a toolbox to face hate speech
83 Hack The Hate: Inspire us to tackle hate speech
94 Digital & Gender Divides: Reclaiming ICT for a Humane World Merged at 90 mins
436 Digital Expression, ICTs and Democratic Participation
95 Mapping the Complexities of the Information Disorder Merged at 90 mins
333 Exploring  Spreads of rumors and its Innovative Governance
131 Balancing Cybersecurity, Human Rights & Economic Development Merged at 90 mins
351 Improving trust through human rights oriented cybersecurity
156 What does the data say? Analyzing the Gender Digital Divide Merged at 90 mins
411 Understanding the ICT Gender Gap in the Global South
191 Supporting quality journalism in an era of misinformation Merged at 90 mins
271 Old predators, new censorship: how to fight cyber harassment
273 Cybersecurity : how can journalists fight censorship
239 Online child sexual exploitation - risks and response Merged at 90 mins
327 Fighting sexual abuse material: a public-private model
405 Protecting children Online :Threats and Policies
268 Enabling Digital Opportunities in the Middle East Merged at 90 mins
374 Data Protection and Privacy of Users in the MENA region
407 Is the Internet narrowing the Digital & Social Divide?
279 Investment Strategies to Scale Community Networks Merged at 90 mins
308 Community Networks meet Blockchains: Friends or Foes?
278 5G and IOT - addressing Digital Inclusion & Accessibility Merged at 90 mins
339 Artificial Intelligence and Inclusion
309 Victims of our own Success? Merged at 60 mins
414 Tackling Internet Disruptions via Multistakeholder Advocacy
319 Which regulation for a neutral and open Internet ? Merged at 90 mins
325 Regulation at the age of online platform-based economy